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Dry rotted tires can easily leave you stranded. My 1st SD was given to me by my father-in-law who used the car in FL. Two tires that looked fine had the belts come apart at different times while driving back to TN. This car was well maintained except for unknown to me old tires.

You also want to stop along the route and check fluid levels. It would be unfortunate to have a severe leak that does damage. The car really needs to be inside. I've had a couple turn into parts cars because of rust and sitting much longer than I ever intended. Selling would have been a better option.

Does anyone want a 78 Datsun Z that has the top cut off to make a convertible? The back end sheet metal from the b-pillar has been replaced with fiberglass. The fiberglass part used for the mod in NLA as a company in CA was making it for the conversion and selling for ~$3,000.
85SD 240K & stopped counting painted, putting bac together. 84SD 180,000. Probably up for sale in the fall 2020 still have it. 85TD beginning to repair to DD status. Waiting on shop to do minor but more than I can do rust.
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