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Brake System Help

My brake pedal is travelling way too far at the moment, and it's probably my fault...although it wasn't working before either. It started with my brake pedal being really spongy, so I decided I'd bleed my brakes. In the process I stripped out 1 bleeder valve, and had to buy a rebuilt caliper for the left rear. The other three came out eventually, and I replaced the bleeder valves to be safe. When I was examining the calipers I discovered that it was difficult to push the caliper pistons in even with a wrench, so I took them off the car to rebuild. I'm out of work at the moment, so I didn't have much money to work with. I decided to try to reuse the piston seals...probably not a great idea. I was really careful taking them off, but guessing this just wasn't going to work no matter how careful I was. On the plus side I cleaned up the pistons which weren't too bad and the piston housings, and now the pistons can move with just a bit of hand pressure. I put everything back on the car, and bled the brakes with a mityvac vacuum tool. They seemed well bled, and I took the car for a test drive. Unfortunately the pedal was going WAY too far down. It was activating the brakes, but way too much travel. I was pretty thoroughly beat after doing all this, so I just went to bed. This morning I checked the fluid level, and it was significantly below where it had been. It was right on the Max Fill Line, and now it's down probably 1/2 an inch. Am I correctly assuming that my problem is the seals are leaking, or could it also be a bad master cylinder? The first time I tried to bleed the brakes I used the partner/pedal method, and I'm worried that my partner may have pressed the pedal too far during this damaging the MC seals. Is there a way to determine this before I order the new seals for my calipers? Could there be anything else likely to cause the problem like the ABS? I've got a US 1995 mercedes E320 Wagon W124.092 M104.992.
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