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We have the DVD system in the acura. When it's good, it's just ok. When it's bad, they're fighting over what to watch. They bring their devices anyway, with unlimited data plans there is no need to saddle the car with that, or navigation. I can't see paying extra for those, which add nothing to resale and will certainly be outdated before we plan on getting rid of the car.

Recently, we dumped our feature-laden laundry machines for a set of Speed Queen commercial units. They cost more, and offer almost nothing in the way of features and gimmicks. The guy we bought from said "well, I guess we'll see you in 20 or so years for a new one". They're built like tanks, and we are very surprised at how good it feels to get back to basics.

Of course we would want every option available on our proposed Metris, but that only kicks the price up to 44k on the MB website. In the face of a CPO GL450 at $54k, that's not bad. Besides, the options seem to be ones that make sense. Some of the YouTube videos claim it's a 2.0 with commercial upgrades. If they're meant to be work vans I see no reason we couldn't drive it all day every day until the kids go to college.

If they came in Diesel 4matic, it would make the decision a no brainer. Good to know there's rumors of that out there.

When you were looking, did you get the chance to drive one?
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