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Fader Hot

Hi fz500sel,
It sounds like the aftermarket unit you had installed was not wired past the fader. Normally, if you replace the factory system with an aftermarket one, wiring past the fader is needed due to the high power output of today's stereo's. The original radio's put out about 12 watts max. Todays radio's put out about 25+ watts. The fader is not rated to handle such power. So what happens is at a low volume your fader will work fine. But if you turn it beyond the 12 watts level then the fader will be working harder and thus get hot. You could reach a point of burning it out from high power use. I suggest you have the fader bypassed and use the internal one on the Kenwood to control the speaker fading.

Cleeve Morrison
La Jolla Audio Repair
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