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People On Here Need To Check Out Alldata or Identifix Personal Use Subscriptions

The absolute best manuals you will ever find are from, identifix, and similar sites. The ones that the pros use. The ones with COLOR brand, MOTOR brand, and OEM diagrams and manuals all in one plus so much more. Don't freak about the $200 a month price though...that's for pros. You can get a 2-year subcription for a single vehicle for $30, and it covers all kinds of stuff. You get all the OEM manuals...all of you get all the modernized remade color wiring diagrams and whatnot. You also get access to repair flow charts, real world repair data, component locations, repair and replace info, part #'s, specification data, etcetera. I really don't get how no one on this site has used these or talks about them. They will drop $80 for one tiny little really bad quality manual that is just one of the tons you get with alldata, but won't spend $30 for an alldata personal single vehicle subscription. You can download the manuals & diagrams in pdf format also. You print to pdf. Sadly, you lose the interactive nature of the remade diagrams, but they are still AWESOME. And you'll have the whole searchable interactive website for 2 years for $30 or 5 for $50. Best money I ever spent. I eliminated a parasitic draw, diagnosed a bad crank sensor circuit, and found a short in my starter circuit all this past week!
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