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Originally Posted by Diesel911 View Post
Asians pimping The Black Community, Especially Black Women. : ThyBlackMan
"( I know a lot of you Neo-Negroes just got scared. But Iím not talking about shooting, cutting or stabbing. No, Iím talking about ECONOMIC WAR! If not now, then when? God knows the Asians declared Economic war on black America decades ago and their success has been phenomenal. They literally came up with a plan to take every dime out of the black Community they could get. And thatís exactly what they do. They never have nor do they intend to give it back either.

Iíve never seen nor heard talk of the Koreans thanking the black Community for making them super rich. Iíve never heard of the Chinese having an ďI appreciate your business Black Folks DayĒ and hand you a free box of beef fried rice. Theyíve been in the Black Community for decades and will rarely even hire black folks to work in their stores. I donít know one black person who was ever invited to Mr. Wongís house for dinner. Where does Mr. Wong live at anyway?"

Notice the attitude of the author. Notice that it is not the Drug Dealers or real Pimps that suck the Money out of the Black Community but Asian Store Keepers.

The Author is astonished the Asian Shop Keepers should give back the Money they earned (legally) to the Black Community which would essentially mean that the Asian Shop Keepers would be giving the Black Community free Goods and Services.

Sounds to me like the author is a racist bigot.

Send him to Shanghai, China for five years for re-education purposes. Stipulations are: He has to acclimate into the society- have a basic understanding of the local language- find work in order to sustain himself- obtain a driving liscence- stay out of trouble.
Then...maybe then..he will see the light.
The secret to a long life. Is knowing when it is time to leave.
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