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Originally Posted by cmac2012 View Post
I've caught wind of resentment from blacks towards Asian and Arab shopkeepers. In the Bay Area, at least in Oakland/Berkeley, many if not most of the liquor stores and small groceries are run by Arabs, Yemenis mostly.

There was an outfit called Your Black Muslim Bakery in Oakland, they had several outlets. The owner/founder, Yusuf Bey was a disciple of Elijah Muhammad. Long and bizarre story, ended in tragedy and disgrace. I bring it up because of an incident that took place in West Oakland, pretty much in the stomping grounds of the bakery and family still running it after the founder's death in '03:

Bey and his honchos complained that Muslims should not be selling alcohol to other Muslims, presumably blacks in the area.
In regards to The Nation.
You have the Bey's and the El's.
In the El capacity, your roll is of scholar, diplomat, teacher etcc, pretty much a docile, laid back outlook on life..peacefull demeanor.
In the Bey capacity, your role is enforcer, discipline, warrior if need be. UpTight demeanor.
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