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Originally Posted by rwd4evr View Post
Now were talking. I think the ax15 will handle a pretty good bit. They end up behind LS engines in jeeps which shock load is pretty rough and some mild hot rods. I would definitely not be bang shifting with a heavy load. So what are my pump options? Are stock injectors up to more flow? I have two na 617 to pirate parts from. Like I said, years back I was looking into more power for my 300TDt and found a guy doing larger elements in a na pump. I may have known what the pump designations were then (m pump etc.)but I've stuffed mass amounts of Mercedes knowledge into my head since then and none diesel really.
Dieselmenken pumps are top notch, and around $1200 (some of that is shipping cost) and are worth the money. You will play games for years trying to be cheap.
Think of it this way: $1200 for at least +60hp fueling. That's $20/hp, which isn't bad at all.

Diesel Pump UK sells manifolds, as does F-Tune. None are cheap.

NA intake manifolds flow better than turbo manifolds. If they're the straight NA manifold, you will have to space the turbo off the flange to clear the runners.

Is it an ASD or LSD rear? LSD rears are rare for w123s. If it's really an LSD rear, use that and adjust tire size for gearing compensation.

I built my own hitch on my old 300D. Pulled heavy loads at highway speeds with the auto and she never let me down.

Mine had a 2056V (variable vane turbo) swapped on, so boost was always instant. It was nice.
$60 OM617 Blank Exhaust Flanges
$110 OM606 Blank Exhaust Flanges
No merc at the moment

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