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I never dyno'd the car, I was broke as hell back then. Didn't get any more fuel than normal, I just pulled the ALDA to get more off-boost fuel.

I played with methanol sprayers, and they definitely made power, but really the right way to do it is take a deep breath and just buy a real injection pump. Sell off some of your extra wagon parts on eb*y.

Big tow #1-7ft x 10ft flat deck trailer (est 1500lbs empty, it was a redneck special) with a k440(360lbs) a zx600(450lbs), two beds, two dressers, all my tools (500lbs?), and the rest of the random crap when moving. So at least 3,000lbs.

Big tow#2-Uhaul box trailer that was bigger than the car (I don't know how they let me drive off with that one). Full of furniture but it was a giant sail slowing me down.
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