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Yeah that's possible. It is something I'd like to do myself but I have a lot of projects planned for this winter in my new shop, so I'm not sure what I'll get to. I'd like to do what I can with what I have for now and save up for a pump. First thing on the agenda is the manual swap l, that was the one thing I couldn't stand about my wagon. I actually bought a parts car to convert it to a four-speed with the 300 D parts but it needed everything besides the engine basically so I ended up selling it. Kinda regret that now. It wasn't as rusty as I thought and then prices went nuts on wagons. So maybe a bigger turbo on stock pump for now? I never "turned it up" on my last turbo since the trans was questionable and honestly I dont even remember what to do. I knew then like 5-6 years ago. At 300,000 oh miles would you be looking for a lower mile foundation to build for the future? Is the na head I have the same to rebuild?
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