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OK...I'll be more serious this time.

In the past 36 yrs., I've owned 5 Toyota's...3 trucks, 1 SUV; 1 car. My eldest child was given to an indigent relation at 415,000 miles. Never had an issue with the truck. Sister-in-law managed to kill it shortly after. The other 4 are still running. All have gone well over 200K miles; one approaching 300K with just minimal maint.

I really don't know anything about KIAs, but you may have answered your question with the comment about where part of the vehicle was made.

Another thing that's always impressed me about Toyota is their toll-free customer service issue. If you are being jerked around on a warranty issue, they will be all over the dealer. I have not been down that road, but on Toyota forums, many have reported success bringing big brother in so solve this sort of thing. I wonder if Kia is this proactive?

Either way, I hope your choice serves you well.
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