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‘85 300d Turbo Won’t Rev

Hello all. I was coming home from work today in high heat (99+ degrees F) and noticed my ‘85 300d get extremely sluggish. As I approached a steep slope, I could not get over 40 with my foot to the floor (the car can usually can get up this slope at 60 with ease). I lifted off the gas to stop and make a left turn. When I got back on the throttle, there was zero power. I somehow managed to make my left turn, parked the car, and walked the remaining 50 yards to my door. I checked on the car a few hours later after the temperature outside died down. There is still zero throttle response. Even in neutral, the engine will not rev. It starts up with ease, idles fine, and has run well for the past month that I have owned it. The car’s odometer got stuck at 257k after I had purchased the car. Let me know what could possibly be wrong. Hoping the transmission is not dead. Thanks
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