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Big progress in the last two days. Motor and trans are in the car mounted up. Found a 280se manual trans crossmember I forgot I had. Perfect fit. Mocked up the DS and the length is perfectly acceptable. It's got about 3/4 inch of splines exposed at the center jont but that leaves 1.5 engaged. Went to mount the shifter and that stupid white plastic always fail end cap/bushing/spring retainer was missing from the 240d shifter when I got it. Didn't have one and wasn't about to wait to order a piece of garbage that will fail after 5 years anyway so I turned one on the lathe from aluminum and inserted a uhmw liner in it. So this was Tuesday, got the shifter installed after massacring the console for every part basically to be able to wiggle it around enough to squeeze the old Auto shifter out and drop the new manual shifter in. Phone was dead unfortunately.
So today I got started a little late and replaced the center bearing on the 280 SLC drive shaft rear half that I'm using which I then used to figure out a mounting set up for the center bearing which was now like 6 in or so further forward. I had planned on welding in new mounts or possibly picking the spot welds from the old mount and relocating it, I then realize that I would probably end up with an inferno in my car up on the lift after welding on the transmission tunnel, and I wasn't about to pull the carpet out of this thing. So I made a couple of brackets out of angle iron that bolt to the stock brackets and run up the transmission tunnel and a bolt in ahead of its new location with nutserts. They worked out very nicely and it's fully reversible(never gonna happen). The last bit of fabrication for tomorrow will be extending the shift rods 48mm. Should be ready to or close at least to running tomorrow night. I want to shake it all down Friday night delivering some pizza. It's my favorite way to fish out problems that are easy to deal with around town. Worst case I call a friend to tow me.
WARNING!!! VINTAGE MERCEDES MAY MULTIPLY UNCONTROLABLY!!! I have tons of Sl/Slc parts w108 w111 w126 and more. E-mail me with needs

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