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Woo hoo!! It's done(ish)! Took it out for a maiden voyage today. First impression is exactly what I was hoping for. No 1stgear lag while the turbo tries to spool. Just rev it up a bit and off you go. The car is faster now than it was before. And I'm running stock wastegste only showing 10psi and no propane yet. Fell like it pulls hard up to 4600 where I was shifting. The engine runs fantastic. After first shakedown I have a strange noise if I accelerate hard in first and sometimes in second when I dump the clutch. Like a squeak sorta but kinda squeal. I keep going back and forth thinking maybe it's the throw out bearing touching the clutch fork, but then it seems like it's not it the more I screw with it. I'll have to get some one to listen outside while I launch it. Showed 80mph at just over 3000 rpm. Gotta get the speedo working for sure. It carries spped you don't even notice. No driveshaft vibration at 90mph so I think I'm good there. Got the pyrometer hooked up after the first run and went for another little drive. Never saw over 470c or so. Can't wait to get the propane bottle exchanged and see if it does in fact reduce egt. Only think I wish was it was a 5 speed so I could run a higher numerical gear and bring final back down to where it is now for a little more 1st gear pull without having to slip the clutch. But ****in a it's manual and turbo diesel so I'm good for now. Have to see if it's happy with towing the drift car or not in the next day or two.

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