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Drove the car all day today. I really like it but it's making this sound. If I rev it to 2000rpm or so where it starts really making some power and accelerate from a stop somewhat agresively it kinda squeal/squeaks for a moment. I'm thinking it's the clutch chattering maybe? First was thinking throw out bearing shuddering on the trans snout right as it releases pressure but after listening and thinking about when it happens I'm not sure now. Driving normally it's got no real issues. A driveline vibration (not out of balance though)when at certain throttle points happens while at lower rpms. Like if cruising like 50mph in 4th putting along it will vibrate a bit and giving it a little more or less throttle will stop it. The flex disc are pretty crappy so that's not helping. I'm gonna put some miles on it and see if the clutch noise smooths out and If not it will bei mir getting a new 300d clutch. It doesn't slip under power but it may just be on the border of too weak. I have a few interior panels to reasemble as well. Rear brakes are squealing and the delivery valve is leaking. It's a blast to drive though. It may need a deeper gear for towing and some around town quickness. It's much better than the auto but you do have to rev and dump the clutch to get a good start off and thats when it squeals so I've been avoiding it. I have the 3.27 lsd still do that may go even without the overdrive for the time being. Some fine tuning to do but it's all going to be worth it. Already is.

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