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Yes it sounds like a little big rig.i love it. Turbos make great mufflers. I hope it quiets down in the cabin slightly when I finish the full 2.5 inch system to the rear. It's just the down pipe to the bottom where it is clamped to the mount off the bellhousing right now. I may make a small fully pass through glass pack muffler if not, It's got a bit of a eardrum rattler at wide open at certain rpm. Any restrictions will increase EGT and engine temps though. I do have a big sidepipe that some crazy guy put on an slc I bought. That would be kinda cool inna ridiculous way.[emoji16] All that after I replace the bent control arm from drilling a curb tonight. Pulling into a parking lot I go to play around in, in the rain.its sealed pavement and it just 4 wheel slid like I was on black ice and kablam!! Right rear wheel, destroyed. Control arm definitely bent. Shocked the tire survived. Subframe looks ok and im praying it is. So ****ty it wasnt even while getting wild. I was sliding it around all night and this stupid turn gets me off guard. Oh well **** happens. I built it to be used for my enjoyment and it will. It drive home just fine but I could see the toe was off. Gotta give the kumho solus props for tough ass sidewalls pretty sure it's unscathed.

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