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Rebuilt Diesel engines

I am in the process of rebuilding five Diesel engines.

1- 1984 Mitsubishi 2.3 Turbo (finished, waiting on the truck to arrive that it is going into)
2- 1982 OM617 Turbo (finished and mounted on a run stand, awaiting payment)
3- 1982 OM616 (bottom end done, waiting for the head at the machinist)
4- 1983 OM617 Turbo (machine work done, awaiting assembly)
5- 1982 OM616 for the "Brauner Benz" (look it up) Engine not pulled yet, but soon.

All but #4 are spoken for or existing customers. #4 will be sold when it is finished, or before if someone reserves it.

Youtube video:
EDIT: I am having trouble uploading photos, so only one worked. Here is a link to the folder of engine photos.....Rich
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