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Originally Posted by Texasgeezer View Post
We made a 4 day round trip from north Texas to Bowling Green this past week.

95 E300D proved again it's a much better choice than spouse's 2017 Prius 4 for comfort and quietness. Only problem was a tendency to increase engine temperature while in slow traffic ( I-40 Memphis river crossing and Arkansas construction ). Fillup fuel mileage was 30, 31, then 32 and traveling about 75-80 most of the time.

Highlight of driving was seeing the old car on a trailer while in Tennessee. Anyone know what it is? Hard to believe it's been sitting for so long somewhere and not been restored.
Afraid that car is too old for me to hazard a guess.

Slight thread hijack. How did you find the I-55 bridge crossing the river into Memphis? I am scheduled to head that way in a coup,e of weeks, need to decide whether to reroute or put up with the backup.
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