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Just to clarify this thread...

There are two hoses and they are NOT alike.

The hose attached by clamps is just a vanilla hose that must be impervious to oil. Thus the advice for "anything but coolant hose" will do.

The hose with the metal fittings is a high pressure hose. Those fittings are attached with special tools to special hose. You can buy the bulk hose from benz and others. Getting the fittings attached can be done by any competent hydraulic hose specialist. That same specialist can probably provide the bulk hose too, saving you one mail order. But "real" mercedes hose looks like it. Vanilla hight pressure hose may not have the same look and feel.

Very bad things can happen if you try to use regular clamps on the high pressure hose.


PS. Your transmission cooler hoses need the same care and attention from the same specialist.
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