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Kickdown=Clunk=Transmission Broke!

My SEARCH produced no result.

1985 MB300CD Turbo w/ 221,000 km. Here's what happened:

The car is running under normal operating temperature. I pressed the accelerator hard to kickdown to merge onto the H-way and all of a sudden, CLUNK sound from the tranny. From then on I get all rpm but "no full-engagement" on the gear. I say "no full-engagement" as I was able to coast along with partial-engagement. The car appear to be stock in one gear and can move/coast the car very slowly while modulating the accelerator.

What do you think went wrong?

On my 1984 MB300DT, at 180,000 km. I completely lost all forward gears and the transmission had to be rebuilt.

These trannies are costing alot of $$$!

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