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Congrats on the new car. A kleeman will net you HUGE gains. With the semi-recent price cut the 6 cyl kit is much more affordable. Not to mention quite a bit safer than NOS in my opinion but.... Take a peek at this link

You get very close to CLK 55 hp numbers with a supercharged M112. You will not quite catch the torque, but with shorter gearing and several hundred less lbs to lug around its not as critical. (think C32 powerplant clone vs CLK 55 clone)

Also, I've been told putting the shorter gearing (3.27 vs stock 3.07) makes a big difference. When doing any of these don't overlook going with a very simple upgrade that will help all aspects of the car's performance....wheels/tires. Luke can point you in the right direction there. 225/45/17 front, 245/40/17 rear works great. You really do NOT need to go into the 18's tire wise. No more rubber on the road, heavier setup just soaks up horsepower...

Hope this helps....Lee
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