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My 4.5 is running rough

Recently I moved to a new house, bought a 560SL and my poor 280 SEL has been taking a second fiddle to all the other activities. Ehen I bought the 560SL, my wife said 'ONLY ONE TOY" and the 280 must go. Like any dutiful husband I listed it and the response has been OK but the care has been starting hard since it got cold.......I thought the trigger points need to be cleaned so today I pulled the dizzy and removed the trigger point module. (It comes out the side) They looked really great so I just cleaned everything up an put it back togeather.

To make a long story short.....the car that was running perfectly is now a 7 cylinder and I have a chap coming out tomorrow to look at it. CRAP.

I can not remember where #1 cylinder is for timming. Is it on the passenger side or the driver side? I set the timing using the passenger side as that is where the wire goes that lines up with the mark on the dizzy. It starts and idles just fine, but doesn't run under load worth a hoot.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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