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Tow capacity and engines

Hi, Brent.

re: "...As far as I know both of my 463s and the G500 are rated for 7000 lbs towing capacity...."

That 7,000 lb towing capacity for the W463 sounds nice -- almost big enough (for my next boat). My understanding was that, for the W460, the capacity was only about 5,171 lbs (with brakes, of course -- only 1,603 lbs without brakes, for anyone interested). I'm glad to hear that the 463 has a little more capacity.

re: "...So my favorite ... would be a '94 G300.... I also "feel" better about the M103, it is a better engine due to its simplicity and proven durability IMHO...."

I wholeheartedly agree that simplicity is often better, and I like the M103 (after you've been through that first awful head gasket thing :-), which is in two of my cars (300E's). But that extra power and lower-end torque is so nice, and needed, especially for towing, in the G. And I've got my dougts about those 3.6 Renntech engines -- while they have a lot of output, I wonder how suitable they are for towing -- all the driving in the mere middle of the rpm range is not exactly what these engines were bred for.

Best regards.
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