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removing unnecessary stuff under the hood


I know that MB's generally afford lots of real estate under the hood, compared to other cars. But I really like to max out on the idea, and so I wonder what other owners have done in simplifying their engine compartment.

I plan to take out the egr and vacuum lines related to it and the arv (see my revival of the older thread), but what else can be taken out?

1. For example, my cruise control is not working at all, and I don't plan to ever use it; what parts of it can be taken out without interfering with normal operation?

2. Also, can the air conditioning parts be taken out without disrupting the other working systems (in my older car, it is not working)?

Of course, weight is not that much a factor with Benzes; for me, it's more about space and tidiness. Has anyone else done similar things?

Many thanks in advance,
J. S. Park

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