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fonzi 05-01-2021 10:02 AM

If the sound is the same with the bronze bushing, then donít you think you can assume itís not the bronze bushing? I think it would be too coincidental for two different materials to make the same sound.

rwd4evr 05-01-2021 10:44 PM

It's not quite exactly the same as it was, but very similar. I have a couple things to disconnect to test for noise change but I think it was the bearing spinning on the pilot of the trans before and now squeaking in the bronze. I sure hope I'm wrong but the only other things I can ponder are the main bearing which should continue to make noise under load regardless of clutch engagement and the engine shock absorbers which shouldn't be a continuous squeal for more than the initial pull of the engine lifting. The only other thing is possibly a rough flex disc but I really doubt it or the driveshaft getting into something in the tunnel. I thought maybe it could be something in the crankshaft thrust bearing from clutch pressure but that doesn't make sense since it does it only when mostly released. I've got squealing alt/water pump belts that are at the adjustment limit so that's not helping figure it out. Had to order them since it's a pair and no one has two of the same brand and line.

These sure would have helped while fitting the pilot bushing too. Next time....[emoji1745]

rwd4evr 05-17-2021 06:46 AM

I absolutely love this car now. I'm still having the little noise that I'm 89.73% sure is the pilot bushing. The suspension needs to be stiffened up and it needs an lsd but I found a new favorite road and wrung it out hard and it took it. It's pretty amazing how well planted it is on marshmallow suspension and really not very sporty tires,not to mention a sloppy tie rod and bent rear control arm. I wouldn't put someone else in it and tell them to go full bore because it does step out under braking a little since it's toed out but I know what's coming and it kinda helps with the natural understeer tuned in for less capable everyday drivers. I'm creeping the boost up a little bit at a time watching the smoke disappear. Only at 13psi and gave the waste gate another full turn last night. With the propane on this thing moves pretty good. It's not "fast" really but it's quick enough to get past most people that aren't really trying to stay in front of you. It will annihilate tires/tire if you get it up on some boost and dump the clutch too. A 5 speed and 3.27 would be really great. It's a little steep on the gear in first from a stop. I just don't want it down again to fabricate all the necessary crap to install the ax15 jeep trans I had planned for it at first.

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