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billabong132 08-12-2004 07:52 PM

88 300E Vac Leak? Maybe? - Economy gauge going crazy
The econ gauge is just a vac gauge right?

Lately the car has been idleing really rough and now it hesitates for a second after you press the gas.

Also the economy gauge reads halfway at idle - but goes to zero on the highway.

The AC vac pods went out along time ago - could these be leaking to much vacuum?

psfred 08-12-2004 09:03 PM

The vac line for the AC and the guage has a "y" connection just behind the brake booster, so check that.

However, I believe you have a large vac leak at idle, most likely the idle control valve hoses.

Pull off the air filter housing complete (three 10 mm nuts, on on the side next to the fender, one front, on rear on the engine side). The idle valve is about half the size of a coke can, two wire connector and two large rubber hoses, one to the fuel distributor and the other to the intake (that end also holds the cold start valve). LIkely they are rock hard and loose on the valve. Replace them -- the one to the fuel distributor is easy, the other is a huge PITA (took both my brother and me on that one, one to guide, one to push).

Replace all the rubber connectors on the vac lines, too -- they are all shot as well. This will fix the vac leak, repair the idle, and cure the throttle lag, since all are a result of the lean mixture from vac leaks.

Did all this on the TE right after I bought it.


billabong132 08-12-2004 10:07 PM

Doh - And I took mine off 3 months ago to clean it - the valve that is

I bet that's what it is

Thanks man. :cool:

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