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speednjay 07-14-2020 11:27 PM

W124 3.2 upper timing sealant
I did the head gasket last year on my wifeís 95 e320 and it was drip free till lady week. Leaking out of the usual spot by the tensioner. Whatís the best sealant for that machined parts? I canít seem to get it done right. Iím putting together an order to take it all apart again.

Sugar Bear 07-14-2020 11:45 PM

I did this on a 103, not a 104..
Use MBZ seals, make the surfaces spotless, put Permatex Right Stuff sparingly and only in the corners and then oiled the bottom of the new seal so it would slide in place. I've thought about running a bead all the way around the bottom of the cover after install but wouldn't have been happy with it.

I've had success with many sealants by letting them dry for a day or two when possible before starting the engine. This allows the sealant to cure before being exposed to oil and thermal cycles.

Miss my 3.2, what an engine. Head gasket went at 360k miles. Compression was still perfect.

Good luck!!!

speednjay 07-15-2020 12:10 AM

I also the the head gasket on my 94 and it hasn’t been any issues so there’s hope. I did a Very thin Layer on both sides, let it setup then put it all together. Seemed to work. I used Permatex gray sealer. Is there a better sealer out there?

I also need to break the chain and recheck the timing. I keep getting a cam sensor code and the power band seems off. I think maybe I’m off a tooth or didn’t set the intake cam adjuster probably.

Ferdman 07-16-2020 07:26 AM

speednjay, buy the black sealant from a MB dealer. It comes in a tube that works like a caulk gun Ö quite expensive, but is effective and worth the extra cost.

Kestas 07-16-2020 01:01 PM

I did mine at least 10 years ago and it still holds tight. My notes show a number of sealants that would work.

Loctite 5090 (002 989 73 20 10) recommended in manual
surfaces (002 989 47 20 10) recommended by steve brotherton
corners (001 989 61 20 10) recommended by steve brotherton

I believe I just used Loctite 5090, bought from Pelican Parts

Zulfiqar 07-16-2020 01:33 PM

you can use even better sealants

toyota FIPG black (threebond 1207B) or GM gray sealant (1207G) - once you assemble an engine with either, forget any leaks. For finely micromachined surface calling for anaerobic sealant - dont use silicone type sealer, use a designated anaerobic one like original hylomar or one of the red gels (make sure its compatible with the metal you are working with)

speednjay 07-19-2020 06:21 PM

Got everything ordered. Hopefully the weather will cool down for a few days so I can knock this out

turbobenz 07-20-2020 10:35 PM

Ive had trouble with the upper cover of my m104. The eyebrow seal is difficult to compress while fitting the timing cover onto the dowels, leading to a bulging eyebrow seal and minor leaks. Dawned on me one day that I had the head surfaced when i did the valve job and neglected to have the upper timing cover shaved a bit as well. So, if your having trouble with your eyebrow and you milled the head....

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