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rpmillie 06-24-2002 01:34 PM

A/C overhaul in 97 C230--Advice/Help needed
97 C230, 90,000 miles

One month ago, A/C went out. I checked all the usual stuff and turn out the coil pack in the clutch was bad. So bought a reman clutch and installed it after removing compressor. Upon charging the system the compressor completely locked up. Will not turn at all. The new clutch is fried as well.

My A/C problems are now serious, but I have done this many times on BMWs and other cars. Just never a 97 C230. I have bought reman compressor from MB, rec/drier, and exp valve. Here are my questions:

1. What are the following service bulletins talking about (83/85 14.03.96 and 83/83 27.06.95) ? The new compressor came with a notice to check the above. What do they say?
2. Does this reman unit (directly from MB) have oil already in it?
3. If yes above, then how much additional oil should I add if any? What type of oil?
4. I intend to flush the system with a quick drying cleaner/degreaser made for this sort of thing. Any hazards to be aware of?
5. Where is the exp valve located? Usually under the dash somewhere, but not sure on this model.

Thanks for any and all help. It is getting very hot in South Mississippi.

Ali Al-Chalabi 06-26-2002 10:16 AM

Here is the TSB, sorry, the tables that list the oil and refrigerent fill quantities got cut out

REF. NO. 83/85


DATE: June 1996


This Service Information has been divided into the following sections:

A. General Repair Notes regarding the Replacement of the A/C Compressor

B. Repair Notes regarding A/C Compressor Model 7SB16, Model 210 and Model 202 as of 09/95

C. A/C Compressor Oil Fill Quantities

D. R134a Refrigerant Fill Quantities

A. General Repair Notes Regarding the Replacement of the A/C Compressor

^ When replacing the A/C compressor (due to seizure), the low and high pressure lines at the A/C compressor along with the A/C expansion valve must be replaced as well, thereby preventing any subsequent damage to the A/C system.

Note: Repeat failures may result in warranty claim debits after warranty parts testing.

^ Check condition of the compressor poly-V-belt or V-belt for overall wear and burn spots. Replace belt, if necessary.

^ Replace the A/C receiver-drier whenever any part of the A/C system has been opened for repair.

^ On principle, replace all O-rings and lightly coat them with A/C compressor oil before installing them.

^ Since A/C compressor oil is hygroscopic in nature (absorbs moisture from atmosphere), perform all repairs on the A/C system in a timely manner and cap all openings.

B. Repair Notes regarding A/C Compressor Model 7SB16, Model 210 and Model 202 as of 09/95

Drain the A/C compressor oil individually from both the removed A/C compressor and new replacement A/C compressor by removing the fill plug (arrow, Figure 1) and rotating the A/C compressor by hand. Keep the two drained A/C compressor oils separate. Measure the amount of oil drained from the removed A/C compressor (Figure 2), add 20 cm3 to the measured quantity and fill new replacement A/C compressor with clean A/C compressor oil, using the above-determined total oil quantity.

IMPORTANT! Use only clean, fresh A/C compressor oil. The previously drained oil from the new replacement A/C compressor may be reused.

C. A/C Compressor Oil Fill Quantity

Additional A/C compressor oil fill quantity when replacing A/C system components

D. R134a Refrigerant Fill Quantities

Please review Job No.8312.2 in Maintenance Manual, Volume 3, Supplement 4, 04/96 for current R13Aa refrigerant fill capacities.

rpmillie 06-26-2002 11:13 AM

what about 83/83 ?
Thanks Ali.

If you have TSB 83/83 that would be very helpful as well. If these are posted somewhere on the internet, please let me know and I will look them up myself.

Also, if it is not too much trouble, please email the bulletins directly and maybe I can view the tables. I need the info included in the tables.

One more thing, what is the MB recommended oil type? PAG? Ester? Other?

THanks again.

apb 06-26-2002 11:54 AM has all that information, but there is an annual fee of $20 or so.

amg280 06-26-2002 12:42 PM

I believe your system uses PAG-46 oil. That is what my 400E calls for that has factory R134A in it.

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