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jeffsr 03-31-2000 01:54 PM

Benzmac, I got the head back on. Runs like a watch, but.. the lifters have a little bit of a tap. Ran up the oil pressure prior to starting the engine as advised. Got good oil pressure when running, but still a little noise, nothing horrendous but, not completely quiet. Machine shop says it may take a little time for the air to work it's way out of the lifters. Any thoughts or advice.

Jeff L
1987 300e
1989 300e
1987 BMW 325

hamish 04-01-2000 09:50 AM

maybe I can help you out this time!!!
I change the tappets and they would not shut up after starting to the extent that I redid the whole job using a mixture of old and new tappets until it was quiet on start up,a frustrating and time consuming experience!!A few weeks later whilst in the MB dealer for something I explained what had occurred and was told it is a common problem and it can take up to a 100 miles to bleed the air out!!!

Benzmac 04-01-2000 02:25 PM

There are repair size shims for the valve height/lifter preload. This should be measured and adjusted as needed if the engine does not quiet down. I have seen many lifters fail so you may want to install the new lifters first.

1981 280GE SWB
1987 16V

jeffsr 04-01-2000 08:45 PM

Thanks guys. I kinda had a feeling that it might be easy to trap a little air in the lifters given the design. Well, I give it a couple of hundred to clear up, then I'll just replace the lot and fill them with oil before assembly. Boy, is this thing running well... :D :D :D :D

Jeff L
1987 300e
1989 300e
1987 BMW 325

hamish 04-02-2000 03:55 AM

If you do replace the tappets you may find they still tap even though you have primed them with oil!!I had done that ,which added to the confusion as detailed in my first post!
Keep in touch

jeffsr 04-03-2000 10:12 AM

Guess what guys!! The machine shop left out the little spacers that go on the top of the valve stems.. They're a necessary part of the overhaul. Will pick them up today and put them in. Oh well nothing goes perfectly, :D :D :D

Jeff L
1987 300e
1989 300e
1987 BMW 325

LarryBible 04-03-2000 10:24 AM


Consider yourself lucky. I had a similar situation on my old Ford farm truck when I built a motor for it. The machine shop used the wrong retainers, and I couldn't figure out what the problem was. I finally figured it out when it dropped a valve.

It sucked part of the valve head to an intake port on the opposite bank, I pulled both heads and fixed the problem including replacing a piston. I was just lucky that it didn't get the cylinder wall.

I would expect that many engines have turned into scrap iron by machine shops that didn't know what they're doing. The problem I described was on a Ford. If it's hard to find somebody that knows what they're doing with Ford heads, just think how hard it is to find someone who knows about a Benz.

Consider yourself lucky, and put it back on the road.

Good luck,

Larry Bible
'84 Euro 240D, 516K miles
'88 300E 5 Speed
'81 300D Daughter's Car
Over 800,000 miles in
Mercedes automobiles

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