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jvieting 04-11-2000 07:26 AM

Here's what happened:
1. I changed oil
2. Noticed diesel fuel leaking from cover plate on side of injection pump
3. I tightened the slotted head screws tight using screwdriver...they were surprisingly loose
4.When I restarted engine the idle was going up and down from 500 to 1200 rpm
5. Drove to work next day (75 miles) but idle very poor stalled once when stopped at light.
6. when I parked the car and then tried to start 1 hour later, would not start. Not even a glimmer of response. Just turns over on the key.
Anyone with ideas ?????????????

Engine total miles = 137000.
Has never, ever let me down. Great car....


poptest 04-11-2000 07:49 AM

Try loosening the screw on the side coverplate 3 to 4 turns. The side cover has a rubber gasket. You may have excessively tightened the screws, causing the gasket to overcompress. If this happens, the inner part of the side cover will lean against one or all the control pinions, causing them to stick.

Replace the rubber gasket with a new one. Any Bosch diesel service shop will have it.


jvieting 04-11-2000 08:02 AM

Thanks, for my education what are the control pinions ???
I'm not a cheap skate but...the likehood of getting a gasket quickly will be limited. Is there pressure behind the plate. If not, can I made up a temporary gasket from rubber gasket material???
Thanks once again


poptest 04-11-2000 08:51 PM

Control pinions, by their name, control fuel output of each pumping element.

The pump side cover has very low pressure, only internal engine blow-by pressure. It prevents splash oil and some gasses from leaking.

It would be difficult to make a rubber gasket. I suggest using the old one and putting good oil resistent sealant as a temporary measure. You will have to clean off the sealant when you get a new gasket. Bosch does nor recommend use of sealant in this cover. Also, be careful in using too much sealant on the side cover, because it could flow in, strip, and interfere with the control pinions.

Best thing to do is look for any ADS (Association of Diesel Specialists) service shop in your area, and get the gasket. They are fuel injection people and are all over the US, they have a website too with membership directory and location.


Deezel 04-11-2000 10:25 PM

This is very good info POPTEST/Jake. Thank you for sharing it with us!

87 300TDT
150,000 miles

jvieting 04-12-2000 06:20 AM

I loosened back the plate last night and hey presto..... The engine started first time on the key. Idle is prefect and seems to run just fine. But I still have a small leak. I called a Bosch dealer he will have a gasket for me today for $6.80 (US)

I can't thank you enough sir, you're a superstar.

I owe you a beer...

Thank you.


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