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Clear Title or NO Sale!



I am tired of seeing all these title issues:
  1. Never buy without a CLEAR title.
  2. Never trust the seller. Copy the VIN from the car yourself, get a xerox copy both sides of title, be sure the vehicle VIN and title VIN are a perfect match, and check it with the local DMV.
  3. Have the local DMV explain the correct way to fill out the title.
  4. Have a notary witness the transaction; it is worth having an extra witness to the transaction.
  5. Transfer the title to your name, same day if possible, until it is transferred, a crooked previous owner can apply for a lost title and sell it out from under you, or claim theft.
  6. Lock the title in a fire safe or safety deposit box.
  7. Get the vehicle off their property the same day if possible, I have been charged storage of $100 per day by a crook, he found out the true value of vehicle after the sale, and tried to get it back by seizing it for storage fees.

For some reason; diesel owners in general seem to be more old school type honest and trustworthy.
Please don't trust anyone on titles.
I have been burned enough times to never allow it again.


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