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=====Priming the Fuel System=====
====after Diesel Engine Rebuild====
===by whunter===
**1.** Fill the fuel filter with fuel and install.
**2.** Fill the fuel lines, from fuel filter to injector pump with fuel, use a hand lever type oil can (see below).

**3.** Remove the injectors.
**4.** Unplug the glow plug relay.
**5.** Connect a good (fully charged) battery.
**6.** Do not crank longer than 20 seconds, and give the starter a 60 second rest after each crank.
**7.** Stop; when all of the injector tubes are spurting fuel out.
**8.** Reinstall the injectors.
**9.** Plug in the glow plug relay.
**10.** Clean off any spilled fuel.
**11.** Glow and crank.
**12.** Check for fuel leaks.
**13.** Clean off any leaking or spilled fuel.

**- whunter**
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