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Priming the Fuel System

after Diesel Engine Rebuild

by whunter


1. Fill the fuel filter with fuel and install.
2. Fill the fuel lines, from fuel filter to injector pump with fuel, use a hand lever type oil can (see below).

3. Remove the injectors.
4. Unplug the glow plug relay.
5. Connect a good (fully charged) battery.
6. Do not crank longer than 20 seconds, and give the starter a 60 second rest after each crank.
7. Stop; when all of the injector tubes are spurting fuel out.
8. Reinstall the injectors.
9. Plug in the glow plug relay.
10. Clean off any spilled fuel.
11. Glow and crank.
12. Check for fuel leaks.
13. Clean off any leaking or spilled fuel.

- whunter

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