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Cleaning the Hazard Switch

by whunter


1) Remove the hazard light switch from the console.
2) Use finger nail polish to mark the top side in three locations for reassembly orientation.

3) Use a clean flat cloth covered surface to contain the work area.
4) Insert a small screw driver into the back side tab area.

5) Gently ease the back cover off, watch out for falling parts.
6) Use tweezers to remove the shuttle with caps and springs.


7) Use a cheap paper on wood type of finger nail file to clean the contact surfaces.

8) Set the button to the on position and insert the shuttle, carefully.
9) Install the back pin plate, be sure the back is oriented correctly and the bulb will enter the case hole.
10) Gently squeeze the back into place, check the side catches are fully seated.

If you loose a part, buy another switch.


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