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How to Set IP Timing via the Drip Tube Method

on the 1982 240D (OM616)

by Scott98


1. Turn the engine until the timing pointer is aligned with the specified start of delivery degrees on the balancer. Must be on beginning of compression stroke for #1 cylinder. See below for proper degrees.

Turbo Charged Engines:
23 to 25 degreees BTDC

Non Turbo Charged Engines:
615.913: 26 Degrees BTDC
615.912: 24 Degrees BTDC
616: 24 Degrees BTDC

This is the 616 engine set on 24 degrees.

2. Open your oil cap and make sure both cam lobes are facing up to ensure you are on the beginning of the compression stroke. If not, rotate crank one more time.

3. Remove the metal fuel lines.

4. Remove the vacuum line from your shut off valve.

5. Wire your throttle to full open.

6. Mark the current position of your timing pump. In case something goes wrong, you can always reset it to where it was before.

7. Loosen the injection pump mounting bolts (13mm). There are 4 total. Three where the pump bolts to the engine and one at the back of the pump. First bolt.

8. Second bolt.

9. Third bolt is accessible through the underside.

10. Fourth bolt is at the back of the pump.

11. Remove the pump element (15mm).

12. Remove the spring.
There is also a delivery valve just under the spring. Remove it too.

13. Picture of the pump element, spring and delivery valve. See Pic 13.

14. Reinstall the pump element minus the spring and delivery valve. Install the drip tube on top of the pump element facing towards the engine.

15. Pump the hand pump until fuel is dripping out of the tube at a rate of 1 drop per second. Turn the IP towards or away from the engine to adjust the drip rate. Have a clock next to you to help time the drips.

Once you're done, put it back together. Don't forget to reconnect your vacuum line and remove the wire from the throttle. Start your engine and check for leaks.

Good luck,


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