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Boost Controller Install

on the 1985 W126 300SD

by vwbuge


Someone e-mailed me with questions about this. I learned about this myself from others here. I will attempt to make a few posts with pictures to explain what I have done. So far it works good but I haven't "cranked" up the boost yet. I have to install the two o-rings on the turbo as mine are bad. Any other questions/comments are welcomed. Always room for improvement.

First pic of the guage itself inside the cabin. It is a lighted one from JC Whitney and it works well.

This is where I plumbed in for the guage. The arrow points to the banjo bolt at the rear of the manifold. It is hard to see as it is on the other side of the tranny dipstick. ANyway, I just used a t-fitting off this banjo bolt so I can keep all the original lines to the various switches. The line simply runs through the firewall and along to the driver's side where I went through an existing hole into the cabin. I know it looks like Frankenstein but it works.

The last and I thought simplest is the install of the controller itself. THis simply splices into your wastegate hose. The brass piece is the controller. The two arrows point to t-fittings I had to block off.

Like I said I am open for suggestions/comments. I haven't fully adjusted this thing yet. I have just brought the boost back to a "usable" range as my car is form CA and was factory tuned with a very low boost setting. I am now running around 8-9 psi.
ALSO.......The boost guage is a must for this controller. You will be pissing in the dark if you don't have one on.
SECONDLY....You will have to adjust your ALDA to get power. You may make these adjustments and up the boost but will feel no power with out the proper fuel. If you need to adjust or want to know how post it here I will take more pics.

For more info - Look Here.

- vwbuge

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