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Motor Mount Replacement

on the 1983 300D (OM617)

by rg2098


A member asked me for a write up so it is. If anyone could take photos while using these steps as well as the exact fastener sizes please forward them to me to add and complete the DIY. I have found this the easiest method after doing motor mounts a few times.

1) Remove air cleaner assembly and unclip fan shroud (don't need to remove)
2) Remove center bolt from bottom of vehicle that mounts the engine to the mounts
3) Using a light vice grips to stop the shock from turning, unbolt the engine shocks from their top brackets.
4) Remove the engine shock upper brackets
5) Jack engine up using a board across the oil pan until most of the engine shocks are out of the hole only leaving the slim post above (you may be able to use a socket extension to push it down and "hook" it under the arm)(you will see what I mean)
6) Using the large hole uncovered by the engine shock mount, remove the inside motor mount bolt followed by the outside.
7) Slip in a new mount and assembly is the reverse of assembly.

-Clean out the allen head bolts well and use a hammer to fully seat the socket otherwise there is a chance you round it out.
-Don't jack the engine up without removing the mount center bolt and disconnecting the shocks from the brackets.
-Don't replace the trans mount while the motor mounts are loose. (don't ask how I know)

Discussion of this DIY can be found here.


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