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DIY 617.9XX prechamber tools

on the OM617.9xx engine

by Diesel Head

Instructions revised by whunter


The following is a recap with pictures of all the tools that can be made very easily at home to remove the injectors, prechamber collers and prechambers on a 617.9xx engine. All tools worked exceptionally well and some of the ideas came off this site from previous threads, however I was not able to find pics (that does not mean they are not there). The entire job after the tools were made took roughly 4 hours and went very smoothly. The only hitch was with the collars, 2 of them came out easily with the homemade tool, the remaining 3 had to be loosened with a hammer and chisel because the collar started to break apart using the tool. During assembly the tool worked like a charm.
Feel free to PM me if any additional details are needed.

To remove injectors, I used an old cornwell deep impact socket 1 1/16 and used a carbide bit to grind down the interior walls to accommodate the injector weep ports. This took about 20 minutes.......Cost $0 plus labor.

To remove prechamber collars, I used an old cornwell 7/8 shallow impact socket and used a cut off wheel on a die grinder to cut notches that fit in groves of collar. This took about 5 minutes.....Cost $0 plus labor. It was also helpful to use the bicycle crank tool installed into the collar (just happened to fit the 7/8 socket perfectly) to stabilize the socket so it would not slip out of the groves.

To remove prechambers, I used a slide hammer purchased at a local tool shop for $10 and using info from this site I went to the local cycle shop and purchased a bicycle crank extractor tool for $20. Using a cut off wheel on a die grinder I removed the crank handle and took the rest to a local welding shop where they welded the inner bolt of the crank tool to a part of the slide hammer for $10.






Here are more pics





A few more pics




For those needing or wanting instructions.

#0. Take pictures for reassembly and routing, BEFORE work begins.

#1. Pull throttle linkages off and out of the way.

#2. Remove the STEEL Injector lines from injectors and injection pump, flip the line set up side down, cover the line ports to protect against dirt/grit, and set aside.

#3. Cover the injection pump delivery valve ports against grit/dirt.

#4. Remove the injectors.

#5. Remove the injector heat shields (I used an old dental pick to remove the shield).

#6. Remove glow plugs, brace the wire harness connector so it does not twist off.

#7. Remove prechamber collars.

#8. Screw tool into prechamber and extract using slide hammer (Mine took about 10 smacks each, some prechambers have been known to require heavier force).

#9. WARNING: Make sure prechamber seal ring is also removed.

#10. Clean out any carbon / soot / dirt, use a vacuum cleaner with a wide bore drinking straw taped to the nozzle for reaching into the cylinder.

#11. WARNING: You MUST install a NEW prechamber seal ring every time the prechamber is removed, this is a single crush seal…
OM617 part numbers are:
Standard seal ring MB# 6150170060
Repair size I; 2.3mm MB# 6150170160
Repair size I; 2.6mm MB# 6150170260
Repair size I; 2.9mm MB# 6150170360

#12. Using a good used or new prechamber, thread tool into prechamber and tap into place firmly.
OM617 prechamber number is:
MB# 6170100352

#13. Install new collar
OM617 prechamber collar number is:
MB# 6150170003

#14. Install new glow plugs, WARNING/DANGER: you can break the tapered seat in cylinder head with excess force.

#15. Install a NEW heat shield. WARNING: You MUST install a NEW heat shield every time the Injector is removed, this is a single crush seal…

#16. Install wires onto glow plugs. WARNING/DANGER: This is an electric connection, the eight millimeter nut should be tightened with a wrench, and final torque is applied using one finger tip = any more force will damage or break the electrode = destroy your new glow plugs.

#17. Install STEEL injector lines, and looped fuel return hoses.

#18. Install throttle linkage.

#19. Prime the fuel system one hundred strokes.

#20. Start the engine.

#21. Use 50/50 solution of dish soap/water to inspect for prechamber combustion leaks.

Discuss this DIY here.

-Diesel Head

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