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Turbo Drain Tube Replacement

on the 1982 300CD (W123.153 OM617.952)

by lutzTD


Turbo Drain Tube install 2 minutes, no tools

For the purists I will start with the disclaimer, this is not the recommended way from the FSM

I fought this tube for 45 minutes the FSM method, using a plastic pipe cap and a hammer from the top no joy. I put the tube in without the big seal and it had to go all the way down to allow the top tube to be installed. I looked at this and saw that this makes the tube go all the way through the big seal. SO...

1. the o-ring makes the seal at the bottom in a bore similar to the way all the other tube seals are done on the top of the turbo drain and the air cleaner drain
2. using the FSM method you have to force the tube all the way through the big seal from the top, which is nearly impossible. it also peels off the oring while its trying to go in

Heres the easy way:

1. Put the big seal on the lower tube, you can push it through the bottom pretty easy, i put oil on it to help but it was not too hard.
2. Put the orings on the lower tube.
3. Push the lower tube into the upper pan hole, you will feel it "snap" in and hit bottom.
4. Put on the top tube by bending the lower tube slightly to the side
5. Snap the lower seal into the upper pan hole.
6. Snug the 2 upper tube bolts after putting in the gasket
7. Pull the lower tube up as far as it will go in the upper tube.
8. Tighten the 2 nuts.

Viola. I did this with one hand in less than 2 minutes. I took it apart and redid it 3 times to make the video linked below. works like a charm.....

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