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Rear Window Seal Replacement

on the 1980 300D (W123)

by whunter


REAR windshield seal W116, 123, 126

Notes and warnings... W201, W199, W198, W191, W189, W188, W187, W186, W180, W136, W128, W126, W123, W116, W115, W114, W113, W112, W111, W110, W109, W108, W107, W105, W100.
(there will be minor differences on the oldest chassis).


#1. remove the right and left rear paneling with cut-out for safety belt.

#2. Locate the rear windshield defogger connections middle of left and right C pillar, and disconnect them.

#3. From inside the rear passenger compartment, very carefully with pliers, pinch/nibble the old/hard seal, roughly 7/16 wide bites, (if the old seal is still soft you can use a razor knife to slice it away from the body/seal mounting lip.
Note: the inner seal lip must be removed from the top, and sides as close as you can get to the bottom of the windshield.


#4. Place a quilt or other thick cloth padding larger than the glass on the roof, or a totally empty work bench.

#5. This step requires at least three people, one in the back seat gently pushing out, two outside catching and lifting out the glass.

#6. Place the rear windshield on the quilt inside surface up.

#7. Remove the old seal from glass.

#8. Remove the trim from the seal, rolling the seal apart to not damage or deform your trim.

#9. Clean the body/seal mounting lip and glass mounting lip/seal area = no dirt, old sealer, etc.
Note: I prefer cloth rags and a good supply of clean water, no detergents/cleaners.

#10. Install the new seal to the glass.

#11. Exercising great care, flip over the windshield.

#12. Spread dish soap into the trim groove.

#13. Spread dish soap on the windshield trim barb.

#14. Install the window trim to the new seal.

#15. Install clothesline into the body/seal mounting lip groove with four - five inch overlap in the Bottom Center of glass seal, leave several feet of extra cord out beyond the overlap for hand pulling...


#16. pull the headliner over the upper lip seal area, and glue in place with trim adhesive.

#17. Gently lift the glass/seal/trim assembly.

#18. Insert the lower glass seal over the body lip, and gently lean the assembly against the window area.

#19. At least two assistants must gently press down and in on the glass while you pull the cords out evenly.


#20. The seal lip should roll open as the cord pulls out = allowing the seal to seat to the body.

#21. Use instrument cluster hooks to seat the outer perimeter of the seal.

#22. gently press/thump any trim areas not fully seated.

#23. Install the rear windshield defogger connections middle of left and right C pillar.

#24. Install the right and left rear paneling with cut-out for safety belt.

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