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Replacing the Shifter Knob

on the 1989 300E

by Rahulio1989300E


I got my new shift knob today and with the new shifter rod, I will replace the old, ugly(my opinion, your knob is fine I am sure.... ) discolored black one!


Idiot or Too fast for ya! Instructions:

1. Remove center black plastic rounded retangular looking piece that encapsulates the other black shift stuff! (put down paper towel over the wood and use you fingers or a plastic wedge thingy to lift up on side...)

2. Remove center wood panel by lifting carpet under the armrest and removing ONE SCREW. Gently but surely lift up on back on panel (around tab where you remove the screw) (CAUTION: ALTHOUGH NOT PROBABLE, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT YOU MY CAUSE CRACK(S) IN THE CLEAR FINISH OF THE WOOD... IF YOU DO, DO NOT BLAME ME, (YOU CAN SEND IT TO ME AND I CAN REFINISH IT FOR A SMALL FEE! HAHAH JUST KIDDING! (about sending it to me!))) [You may have to shift to neutral to get enough clearance to remove the wood panel!]

3. Unclip the black piece that surrounds the metal shaft of the knob. (Piece that has the pattern in it when you move the gears.) Unclip the front right and at front left! Lift up on piece and turn it around shaft until the back end is near your ashtray door.

4. Remove the clear plastic overlay that covers the PRND32 black plastic sheet, then remove the sheet too. Then remove the clear plastic crystal looking thing that is designed for reflecting the light around through the black plastic sheet.

5. Lift up on the white and black "housing" that has the rubber "boot" attached, turn to left... take your hand and lift up near the bottom of the "boot" and take a 15 MM (Fifteen MM) (I bought at Autozone for $3.99 + tax) and turn the nut CCW (Counter-Clockwise!) IT WILL BE KINDA TOUGH TO GET IT TO TURN AT FIRST!!!!!!!!

6. Then turn the shift knob CCW, it has a LOT of threads so it may take a while... also, the shifter knob holder that gets threaded into will now try to move to the left on it's own... hold it with a hand while you turn it or you will have a hard time trying to remove the shifter knob!

7. Once the old one is off you can remove the nut, white and black housing with "boot" and the black patterned frame! (THE "BOOT" IS REMOVABLE FROM THE WHITE AND BLACK HOUSING PIECE!) (WIPE ALL PART DRY IN ORDER TO KEEP THE STICKER (DEPRESS P BEFORE SHIFTING ONE) FROM LIFTING OFF)


9. With your new knob and shaft combo OR your new wood one piece knob... slide the black pattern housing in, the white and black piece with "BOOT" and rethread the nut back up the shaft. Then rethead the new knob..

10. Replace all parts! (Come on! You can do it!!!! YOU CAN DO IT ALLL NIGHT LONG!!!! )

- I made a new clear plastic overlay for the PRND32 black sheet by tracing and cutting one out with an E-xacto Knife! I used a SLIM CD CASE (Front clear cover piece...)
The new piece is much clearer and nicer than the stupid and dirty crap looking one like before!

Anybody know where I can get a chrome shift surround? (BESIDES EBAY, AND PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS! ($50?! HECK NO!))

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