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=====Welcome to the ""PeachParts"" Wiki=====
=====Welcome to the ""MercedesShop"" Wiki=====
[[WikiEngine What is a Wiki?]]
This "Wiki" format allows anyone to make comments, ask questions or provide answers to any of our DIY articles. Simply click on the "Add comment" link at the bottom of the DIY article you are reading to open a text box. Type your comment in the text box. **You do not have to register to post comments.**
Unfortunately, the Wiki database and the Shop Forum database are not the same. **You will have to register as a Wiki user to use the advanced functions such as posting and modifying your own articles.** More than likely you can use your same username and password when you reregister.
[[SandBox Here's a page where you can test things out]]
Some Other Useful pages: FormattingRules, WikkaDocumentation, OrphanedPages, WantedPages, TextSearch.

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