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Cannot be 100% sure, but as far as I understand, European and rest of the world M.B. cars and most other brands outside the U.S. do NOT have VIN numbers. The cars carry a CHASSIS number and an ENGINE number. One of the two or the two numbers are used in all countries to legally register and ID the cars.

The "Vehicle Identification Number" (VIN) is an exclusive ID provided for the U.S. by local legal regulations.

Hence, if you car is identified with a "VIN...", then it should definitely be a U.S. version car.

Another clue: Mercedes-Benz CHASSIS numbers start with WDB than have six number (example 126 xxx), then have either a "1A" or "0A" and then another six numbers for serial purposes plus two additional last numbers afert that.

Hence, a proper European ID should look on W126 like:

WDB 126xxx 1A xxxxxx xx

No other letters are used at all. Since your VIN has an extra CA and a B, I would assume is also an U.S. VIN.

Non of all the M.B.s I have ever owned imported from Germany came with a VIN number, nor any other M.B. imported here by the local dealer from Europe.
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