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Greetings All,

I've come to pick your brain on an irritating sound when I shut off my '80 300TD. There's this clunking sound that comes what seems like the left wheel well when shutting off the engine. So I don't get the reponses too numerous to mention, I have recently changed the engine mount on that side as well as the engine shock to no avail for improvement. I also pulled the wheel and relubed the brake pads to rid myself of the squeal. I did notice a small amount of shock fluid seepage, and am not sure if that would transmit a chunking sound when the engine is shut off or not. Are there any steering linkage parts that go bad that would emit this sound from that side, or do I perhaps need to recheck the engine mount for tightness? I am open for suggestions from anyone who may be familar with this occurrance.


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