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I too would like to see a new "Search Topics" button installed along side the already existing 'New Topics" and "Reply" buttons in the blue border at the top and bottom of each page. I believe I may have suggested this before.

The new button would function just as, and maybe in addition to, the relatively obscure search feature that is currently sort of lost up in the white field above the top blue border.

Most of the problem is with the newest members not yet familiar with features of the site. Their newness is evidenced by their being unaware that a topic may have been beaten to death many times over in the recent past (i.e. "what oil should I use?" [PLEASE do not answer this question now! I know the reply is in the archives.])

A prominently displayed search button alongside "New topics" and "Reply" MIGHT help those finding how to post to become aware of the search feature at the same time, and save them time.

Roger Minton
Speaking of oil -- change it tomorrow if it's still hot
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