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If you have a tool that works well for the diff mounts or subframe mounts, do you have a picture so that I can assemble one?

Let me make sure I have the right idea here:

It sounds like the tool is a threaded rod, with two sockets on the rod with the large openings facing each other. This is sandwiched between two washers and this is in turn sandwiched between two nuts. Between one of the nuts and washers there is a bearing to allow the nut to turn without turning the entire assembly such that turning the nut squeezes the two sockets together. This doesn't sound quite right.

What size 1/2" drive sockets were needed, and what size washers? Any particular length of threaded rod?

It sounds like the car needs to go up on jackstands with the rear suspension hanging freely, then unbolting the mount bolts (27mm?). Does the new mount then go onto the subframe, or up into the car? All I see is a plate with a bolt and a rubber pad sandwiched between.

I understand the floor jack goes under the differential (how cruel). Do the jack stands go under the rear jack pads? Never had to elevate the rear before.

Look forward to hearing from you!
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