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Originally Posted by sailor15015
I guess I'm missing something. What's the talk about using a water heater? I've been making bio for about a year now and I've tossed around the idea of using a heater to make the stuff in the winter but when it got colder I just let it separate longer. I would say you definately don't need a kit. My setup is a 55 gallon drum with an electric drill and paint stirrer attached with ring clamps (neat trick of my dad's) to two poles that held the trampoleen on an old catamaran (long enough to span the barrel). I just clamp them in place. Pour in my 25 gallons of oil, get it spinning nicely, add the five gallons of chemicals, stir for one hour, and let it sit depending on ambient temps. I really don't see the need for a kit when after you do it a few times, its ridiculously easy.
You are right about it being easy. I paid $20 for a water heater, and it mixes and processes without methanol fumes or spark hazards. Careful with that open drum.
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