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Originally Posted by WannaWagon
How is the ride quality affected? I assume the springs you've developed are stiffer than stock.

How is the handling affected? Have you done any high-speed cornering with your setup? Spring rates figure into handling balance, so I suspect stiffer rear springs will affect handling.

Nevertheless, I await more info and photos. I like my SLS setup -- a lot. The daily ride quality is superb, and I like how it always looks "right", not saggy-assed, when I have 150 pounds of dog and a bunch of other junk in the back. Still, I can see the day ahead when I need to overhaul the system, and I'll want to consider an option like this.

What I REALLY want is some springs that will lower the front of my wagon about an inch. Got anything like that?
So far, the ride has been great. Handling has been much improved from a SLS system that did not work on the vehicle before. Our springs are stiffer than regular wagon springs. The factory wagon springs are pretty weak and if you check them out, they have 3 stacked coils. A couple of 40mph off ramp corners have proved the handling to be very acceptable on a heavy wagon like the 300td. The car unloaded or with 3 in the backseat rides like a dream I am just doing rear springs, however, my fronts are a little too saggy for my taste. You could remove your springs and cut (die grinder), no heat (aka torch) about 1/2-1 full coil to get your desired height. However, it will increase your spring rate slightly but only cutting that much will not pose a problem.

As for the hydraulic pump, if I can get enough interest in a spring kit I will also offer a block off plate for the engine mounted pump. Just remove your pump with 4 bolts, clean the area, add block off plate and some silicone and your done. You can also remove all the hoses, lines, bottles, acc, valve, etc. from the car. That engine comp and rear end sure look nice minus all those extra parts

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