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The Bob
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Well I got it working for about 15 minutes then good bye climate control. I cooked my climate control unit by accident last week trying to diagnose the vacuum system( a wire came loose that cooked my little unit. Black spot on the circuit board proved it.)

Any way I got it working the center nozzles blew some good air. I then proceeded to change my oil and I pulled off one of the vacuum lines that go from the inside of the car to the fuel pump (I would suspect the it may be coming from the ignition but i dont know for sure) Well I got that back on. And now i am back to my old problem of no other air control other than defroster and outside vents.

I vacuum tested the green line that goes to the climate control switchover valves and I have 18lbs of vacuum. I suspect that I may have burnt out some of those switchover valves( I replaced all five so I would not have to deal with this ^*&^%$#.)

I did take a short cut and did not screw them in to the metal backing like I was supposed to. Do they ground through that metal board? DO they get so hot that they will cook if not screwed to that board?

These are the questions I have.

Please help me.

I would think that if I am getting strong vacuum from the primary line that if the switches were working the vacuum elements would work.

Do small leaks effect vacuum function this greatly?

Thanks for all your replies

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