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Smile E300 manifold removal and glow plugs

Originally Posted by LightMan
Ok guys, I'm done. I hope this has been a help and has demistfyed the E300 manifold removal and glowplug change!! No more expensive dealer glowplug visits every 40k!! I've saved a lot of money due to help from internet auto forums and members so here's my turn to give something back. Enjoy!

Dear Dave,

Thank you very much for a brilliant article.
It helped me tackle the job which I was dreading.
I did one step which may help other readers.
Rather than remove the EGR valve with the manifold, which can theoretically damage the corrugated pipe which would be expensive to replace, I managed,with a bit of a strugle, to remove the 4 bolts which bolt down the inlet manifold to the EGR valve. I did not have to work under the car that way.
Therefore the manifold was able to to be removed without disturbing the vaccum pipes.
The glow plugs came out a treat, they were luckily not seized up.
Incidentally removing the washer bottle was a very good move, without removing that, the access would have been very difficult.

Thank you once again Dave.

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